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Images from the Think small, Get a Mac, and Just do it campaigns.
Images from the Think small, Get a Mac, and Just do it campaigns.

Image sources: Think small. Get a Mac. Just do it.

These iconic campaigns are revered as marketing genius. How did they do it? What made them so successful? I believe the answers to these questions are not discussed enough (or at all) in the marketing community.

Have you ever tried to express yourself to someone and left the conversation feeling like you didn’t express yourself at all? You fumbled over your words, said a million things but really you said nothing… That is what these campaigns don’t do.

Conveying a powerful message in one sentence is a skill. Period.

Success Snapshot


My five-step plan to dominate an industry, do something good for the world and be insanely successful.

Image sourced from Pexels by ‘Gladson Xavier’.

What will you gain from this article? You will be provided with an insight into how I plan to build an empire through innovation, disruption and revolution of an industry. The value I intend to provide is to give you the opportunity to consider how you will build your own empire, should that be your wish, through complete transparency and honesty about my plan for life. I spent a fair amount of time editing the article to make sure that it wasn’t needlessly long and that every sentence is packed with value. Interested? Read on.

At the moment I am…

The unavoidable things you must do to maintain your productivity

Sourced from NPR from the movie ‘Limitless’

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting stuff done. It’s like something clicks. You know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it.

Whether or not you’re an entrepreneur, content creator, freelance worker or employee — we all know the feeling of putting your head down at night, knowing that you could not have done more that day.

You feel like Elon Musk working away as you achieve milestone after milestone. You feel unstoppable. You really do feel limitless. Why can’t every day be like this?

If it were I’m sure we’d have much more innovation and…

Zedosh sees a brighter future for both consumers and advertisers.

Photo courtesy of the founder, ‘Guillaume Kendall’

After long discussions with Zedosh’s founder, Guillaume Kendall, it’s obvious to me that the advertising industry needs some disruption. Zedosh is working diligently to revolutionise the way businesses and consumers interact.

Radical innovation.

Where did it all go wrong?

Zedosh conducted a survey in which 562 respondents have answered. All respondents are aged between 18–24 (the core Gen Z demographic) and are based in the UK.

Key findings:

  • 60% find irrelevant ads on social media quite annoying or very annoying
  • 85% see ads for products that they have already bought at least occasionally
  • 55% say they do not like having ads on social media
  • 79%

Everything you really need to know about investing.

Image obtained from Unsplash by ‘Micheile Henderson

Warren Buffett bought his first stock at 11. Now he is worth 97.6 billion. It’s fair to say that Buffett knows quite a bit about investing.

Buffett believes there are two rules to investing.

Rule #1. Don’t Lose

Rule #2. Don’t Forget The First Rule


It’s a little frustrating, right? Those rules are annoyingly simple. But it really is that simple to Warren. The important question to ask is, why? Why shouldn’t I lose money?

I bet you think you know the answer — but you probably don’t. The question is so obvious that no one tries to answer it…

An investing guide for life.

Image obtained from Unsplash by ‘Lachlan Dempsey

The democratisation of the stock market is a new and fantastic advancement of our financial markets. But sadly, it’s brought a lot of stupidity into the game. I’m here to show that individual investors can win just as much as any established expert in the stock market.

Look at all the richest people in the world. An overwhelming majority of those achieved those riches through equity — equity is ownership. So, if you want to be on that list then you have two options; either create your own equity or buy a piece of someone else’s.

If you wish to…

I turned a no into a yes with two emails and 15 minutes.

Images from Pexels by ‘Ivan Samkov

Better Marketing rejected my article; following two emails and 15 minutes of editing, my article was published and it’s since earned more than all my other articles combined — ‘Think Small. Get a Mac. Just Do It.

I’ve faced countless rejections — prior to this I would simply brush it off and publish it myself.

I’m here to say you shouldn’t do that — your writing will not get better by doing that. You could be so close to getting published and you’d never know!

Getting rejected isn’t the end, it’s the start.

The Email.

This brings us to the first thing…

And how I invest it. The principles I follow are simple.

Image from Pexels by Vitória Santos.

Anyone getting tired of the ‘How I earned $20,000 last month?’ articles?
Yeah, me too. This article is not designed to shock and amaze you. It’s here to help you.

This is simple and actionable advice from an average earner that you can implement to maximise your financial upside. But first, we must start with a reality check.

How much money have you earned in your lifetime? Every single penny. How much is it? £1000? £10,000? £100,000?

Now here’s something you might not like to answer. How much money do you have right now? …

Hint: You’re not going to like the answer...

Image sourced from Pexels by ‘Sebastian Voortman’.

It’s hard work. That’s it. That’s the answer. You can stop reading this article. Study anyone who has achieved success their field — you’ll see a pattern, they all worked extremely hard. The true path to success is hard work, crazy hard work. There’s no gimmicks or get-rich-quick schemes; if you want success in any field you have to work hard. If you want to get ahead of someone else then you have to work harder than them. In diluted terms, if someone works 40 hours a week at someone you work 80 hours at then you will get twice…

Improve your odds of success by developing the two qualities all successful entrepreneurs possess.

Image sourced from Pexels by ‘Andrea Piacquadio’.

Success is something that has many paths. I am often thinking of the various paths notable entrepreneurs have taken and where I best fit in that structure. I usually operate on a basis of trying to improve the chances of success and how the actions I take today should, in theory, be contributing to my goals in 30 years time. However, when I look into the idea of success; how and why it occurs in many others — I inadvertently stumbled upon a common denominator across all successful entrepreneurs. …

Aspiring entrepreneur

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