Build an Empire.

My five-step plan to dominate an industry, do something good for the world and be insanely successful.

Image sourced from Pexels by ‘Gladson Xavier’.

1 — Establish your ethos.

Sadly, many of us go through life asleep at the wheel

Think about something bigger than yourself

What really matters the most to you?

2 — How do you get your ethos to become a reality?

Here’s my thesis

Your ethos and thesis could be anything in the world!

Sometimes small deviation from your plan is necessary — so long as it is calculated!

3 — What’s your problem?

What’s my problem?

Do not rush

How I’m conducting my research

4 — Find the solution.

But where does being an expert get you?

Your time commitment

5 — Enjoy the accolades

6 — A Final Word.

The punchline

Aspiring entrepreneur

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